Nate Diaz Has A Message For Haters Of BMF Title

Nate Diaz
Image Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

In the main event of UFC 244, Nate Diaz will take on Jorge Masvidal for the BMF title. Many thought the schtick is funny, but some had some complaints after the UFC announced they were actually making the belt.

Some say it diminishes the value of the actual world titles. Yet, Nate Diaz has a simple message for anyone who isn’t a fan of the BMF title.

“If there’s any hate or negativity towards it and if there’s anybody who’s hating on it, like some of these journalists in here, it’s like ’cause none of you guys are no fighters, you’re b**ches, so shut the f**k up,” Diaz told TMZ Sports this week (h/t

“Tell me I ain’t the best motherf*cker in the game and watch me and watch me fight the whole game,” Diaz added.

Of course, the UFC announced this will only be a one-off and it will never be defended for real. However, Nate Diaz has been saying he defended this belt last time out at UFC 241.

The BMF belt will be revealed the week of the fight and Dana White announced he was part of the team designing it.