VIDEO: Former Bellator Fighter Ryan Curtis Back Hitting Heavy Bag Just Months After Neck-Down Paralysis Due To Freak Training Injury

At the start of the year, former Bellator fighter Ryan Curtis suffered an injury in training that was compared by doctors to being in a severe car crash or falling from a balcony.

The freak accident required extensive surgery to replace the discs from his spine with titanium cages.

Curtis’ close friends and teammates were there to support him, his partner and his young daughter through this incredibly difficult process which started with him being paralyzed from the neck down.

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Since then, thanks to the surgeries and a ton of support coming in from his loved ones, supporters and other members of the MMA community, promising updates have continued to come in.

Curtis posted on his Instagram page back in April to say that he had been able to exercise on a cycling machine while lying down, just two months on from being told that he may never walk again.

His remarkable recovery is still ongoing but once again, there are more positive signs.

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Ryan Curtis Shares More Inspirational Videos Of His Recovery Process – This Time, Doing What He Does Best

The latest video to come out and track his path to recovery was once again posted by Curtis via Instagram.

A series of videos show him slowly hitting the heavy bag with gloves on, walking uphill on a treadmill and even lifting weights by sitting up without any kind of assistance.

His caption on the post says it all as this inspirational fighter continues to push towards the light at the end of the tunnel following the incredibly difficult events that he was forced to face just over six months ago.

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“Sometimes life sacrifices you for what you are, So that you can be what you can become. 🧱 by 🧱 don’t ever give up on yourself.”

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