Diego Sanchez’s Health Takes A Turn For The Worse During COVID Battle

Former UFC standout Diego Sanchez has had quite the bumpy ride in 2021, and that has continued with the former UFC veteran now being hospitalized during his battle with COVID-19.

Sanchez remains an MMA free agent after getting released by the UFC. He has been rumored to be in preliminary negotiations with Bare Knuckle FC to potentially fight former UFC colleague Mike Perry.

But Sanchez has a bigger fight on his hands at the moment, as he is currently dealing with a serious case of COVID-19. As COVID-19 variants continue to spread throughout the world, the severity of the virus remains as potent as ever.

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Last week, Sanchez detailed what his experience with the virus has been like as a longtime professional athlete.

“S**tting, coughing, puking, constant hot-cold fevers. Pain in every joint, migraine, five days no sleep and constantly short of breath,” Sanchez said. “[My friend] warned me I had no idea it was this evil! [Colby Covington was] talking that s**t saying it’s just a common cold.”

Leading up to his rematch with Kamaru Usman, Covington continued to downplay the virus as ‘the common cold’, much to the dismay of Sanchez and others.

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Diego Sanchez Now Hospitalized As He Battles COVID Complications

On Thanksgiving day, Sanchez went on to provide grim updates on his current condition, which includes now being hospitalized.

“Pneumonia Covid never give up”

“Blood clots now! Covid is no motha fuckin joke”

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“Blood clots in both my legs”

When a fan questioned why Sanchez does not use this experience as an opportunity to advise others to get vaccinated, here is how he responded:

“I’m going thru it but I can’t say I’m sold on the vax at the current moment in time.”

It’s been a wild year for Sanchez in his personal and professional life. He was originally scheduled to fight Donald Cerrone at the beginning of the year before withdrawing from the bout on short notice. Sanchez’s former coach and advisor, Joshua Fabia had a hostile relationship with the UFC brass including Dana White that made it difficult to negotiate with him.

Sanchez hasn’t fought since losing to up-and-coming welterweight Jake Matthews at UFC 253. He is best known as the first The Ultimate Fighter winner and helped contribute to the UFC’s move to the mainstream.

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