GSP Says PED Users Have No Place in GOAT Conversation

Georges St-Pierre isn’t a fan of placing performance enhancing drug users in the “Greatest of all Time” discussion.

St-Pierre has never been shy about his stance on PED use. The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight and middleweight champion has always been against banned substances and even called for stricter drug tests before the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) stepped in. St-Pierre’s views haven’t softened.

GSP Says PED Users Have No Place in GOAT Conversation

Speaking to, “Rush” said that any fighter who has used PEDs shouldn’t be in the GOAT conversation:

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“Just look at the difference with some of the — I’m not saying any names, because I don’t want to attack an individual, I want to change the system — just look at the difference with some people. Look, I remember there was a fight between two opponents, and one guy said, ‘Oh, it’s not the performance-enhancing [drugs] that threw the kick. It’s me.’ Actually, it’s not true. That’s the performance-enhancing drugs that threw the kick, because you wouldn’t have thrown the kick [like that] if you would have not taken them. You know what I mean? So to give you an example, it makes you more creative, it makes you more hungry. It changes the physique. Also, not only the physique, it changes the mind of the person. So with people, they think it’s only affecting strength and conditioning and stuff like that. No, it doesn’t. It’s not only recuperation — it changes the person entirely. It makes him a better athlete. And yes, I think they should be removed from the [GOAT discussion].”

The whole PED-GOAT discussion has been heating up since the announcement of Jon Jones’ return. “Bones” has failed two drug tests since the USADA era, but he’ll be eligible to compete on Oct. 28.

Where do you stand on this issue of PED users and their place in MMA history?

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