Chael Sonnen Explains Why Conor McGregor Would Film Himself Partying At 2 AM Ahead Of Michael Chandler Fight: ‘Jon Jones Played The Same Game…’

All of the words out of Conor McGregor’s mouth ahead of his return at UFC 303 have suggested that he is taking this fight seriously.

Unfortunately, a lot of the comments he has made previously seemed to be undone after some videos were posted over the weekend.

The footage shows McGregor partying at his Black Forge Inn until the early hours of the morning.

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Whilst there isn’t a video which sees him consuming any alcohol, he is dancing with his long-time partner Dee Devlin amongst other things like taking his shirt off.

Though some were quick to disregard this as McGregor being out of control and not taking his comeback fight against Michael Chandler seriously, perhaps there is a deeper meaning at play.

Sonnen Suggests Conor McGregor Is Giving Himself Built-In Excuse By Partying During Fight Camp

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Chael Sonnen attempted to unpack the videos of McGregor that surfaced over the weekend.

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“The Bad Guy” made the point that why would McGregor put himself in this scenario knowing that everyone has a camera in their pockets.

With that in mind, he tried to think about why “The Notorious” would want something like this out there.

Some may point to it being an attempt to throw people off with the Ryan Garcia style of mind games to lull people into underestimating him.

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Sonnen, however, compared the videos to the former antics of Jon Jones and how he would sabotage himself in order to ease the pressure of winning. 

“That’s where all of your options all of a sudden start really narrowing and when you’re confronted with the reality that it is not a marketing piece, then what is the story? What is the story and the message that the sports greatest storyteller is attempting to get you to consume. Jon Jones played the same game and Jon Jones eventually quit playing the game but he told the world why he was doing it initially and that was he always wanted to have an excuse in case he lost.

“Not to you, the public, he wanted to have one for himself. If he would go to practice and he would work hard, he’d do what the coaches asked him, he’d put all that time in but he would also go out and drink and have a good time. If he was to taste defeat could tell himself well yeah but it was because of…”        

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