Conor McGregor Vows “Worldwide Domination” After $600 Million Deal

24 hours after reports of McGregor donating $500,000 to charity, he just received a much larger sum of cash himself.

Shanken News Daily reported on Tuesday that co-founders Conor McGregor, Audie Attar, and Ken Austin have sold the majority stake of Proper No. Twelve Whiskey to Proximo Spirits for the whopping sum of $600 million. Austin made the following statement regarding the sale:

“When we started this business with Proximo, we basically laid out, I’ll call it certain hurdles, that would allow them to buy pieces of the company over time,” said Austin. “We hit a milestone, and it gave Proximo the opportunity to own a significant stake.” 

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Proximo’s CEO Mike Keyes revealed that Conor McGregor and the other co-founders will remain an integral part of Proper No. Twelve’s brand and future moving forward. In his official statement, he shared his enthusiasm about the acquisition and the future that lies ahead.

“Since introducing this brand with Conor and his partners just two and a half years ago, Proper No. Twelve has been the most exciting brand in the Irish whiskey category,” said Keyes. “The brand continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, and this agreement reflects Proximo’s commitment to expanding its presence in the whiskey category as a whole.”

And this good news wouldn’t be complete without a word from the magic man himself, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor, who shared the following words on Instagram:

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Wow!! In just under 3 years, we went from a dream to the biggest Irish Whiskey in the world! A HUGE step for Proper No. Twelve today as we now forge ahead to the next phase of our company’s history!

Thanks to my Irish Whiskey fans all across the globe! Proper Twelve is my baby for life, and I am just warming up the barrels here! What I have in store for you all will not only take Proper Twelve to the absolute pinnacle of Irish Whiskey! But of all spirits! Next stop – Worldwide domination!!!

I wake up each day with focus, drive, and a commitment to be the best in sport and in business – and the money follows.  Never count me out!

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Conor McGregor continues to make major business moves on both the giving and receiving end. Come July 10, he’ll only look to be giving when he attempts to deliver one stiff shot after another to the closed mouth of Dustin Poirier in the UFC 264 main event.

Stay tuned for any other additional news and updates happening around the world of MMA right here on!