Jake Paul Ships Out “Sleepy McGregor” Chain To Poirier For Auction

UPDATE: The gift has been sent out by Jake Paul, and Poirier will auction the gift for charity. Here’s the most recent post from Jake Paul before shipping the merchandise.

Here is what was written in the letter included with the delivery:

“Dear Dustin … Congrats on your much-earned victory. I love what you are doing with your Good Fight Foundation! You deserve this chain more than me! Good always defeats evil! Keep winning. Love Jake. P.S. Tell Jolie I said hi, she’s a badass!”

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And now a word from the proud recipient!

“Got the sleepy mac chain today from @jakepaul I will be auctioning it off soon for @TheGoodFightFDN To do something big in Lafayette!!”


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It didn’t take long for Dustin Poirier to accept Jake Paul’s offer of a $100,000 gift.

Obviously, no one was happier to see Conor McGregor lose at UFC 264 than his opponent, Dustin Poirier. Still, there were others who also found great joy in McGregor’s loss. Among them was Jake Paul, who turned in some of his most elaborate troll work in connection to the UFC 264 main event.

The one move that garnered the most attention was Paul showcasing a custom “Sleepy McGregor” chain made to commemorate McGregor’s UFC 257 loss to Dustin Poirier. Paul claims the chain goes for $100,000. You can appraise it for yourself below.

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Paul would then extend a friendly offer to Poirier of having his very own Sleepy McGregor chain. It was offered as a gift to Poirier free of charge because Paul considered the $100,00 fee paid in full by Poirier after he defeated McGregor for a second time.

“aye @DustinPoirier want me to ship this to you? $100k gift from me I think you deserve it lmk”

The following day, Dustin Poirier decided to take Paul up on his generous offer.

“Send it over,” Poirier requested.

Paul would then offer to even further modify the already distinctly custom piece of jewelry.

“gotchu. You want the ankle snapped off or do you wanna do it?”

Poirier has not yet responded to this additional offer from Paul as of this writing.

Would YOU like to have your very own Sleepy McGregor chain?

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