‘We Really Are About To See Khabib Come Back & Fight Before We Get GTA 6’ – MMA Fans React To Rumors Of Nurmagomedov’s Bank Accounts Being Seized By Russian Government

News came to light several weeks ago regarding reports of financial troubles for the former UFC lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

After things appeared to be going quiet on that front, the latest update says completely the opposite as things are becoming increasingly severe.

Russian media platform MASH have now reported that Nurmagomedov has had all of his bank accounts seized by the Russian tax authorities.

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This is due to him reportedly being in debt which equates to over 3 million US dollars.

Nurmagomedov’s team had denied the claims at first but there is no official statement as yet in response to the latest details.

MMA Fans React To Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Reported Financial Troubles

MMA fans reacted on social media to the newest updates regarding Nurmagomedov’s financial issues with the Russian tax authorities.

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The name of the former UFC lightweight champion has also been in the news due to a terrorist being identified as someone that once trained in the same Dagestani gym.

Nurmagomedov passionately came out against this also but it didn’t stop him from receiving criticism online.

“We really are about to see Khabib come back and fight before we get GTA 6”

“All I know is if Conor McGregor sees this tweet he’s going to have an absolute field day 😂”

“Not very Goatlike”

“Bro’s having a rough year”

“Khabib about to go box with Jake Paul.”

“How is Khabib in 3 Mil of debt when he supposedly made like 20M alone in the McGregor fight and thats not even including everything else?”

“He pissed off Putin and the Russian Oligarchy in some way. I am willing to bet the relations soured.”

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As several replies to the news showed, many were waiting for Conor McGregor’s reaction which surely wouldn’t take long to come through on social media.

Whilst McGregor didn’t say anything on this latest update, he did repost the following video on social media in response.

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