Pimblett Says Biggest Mistake In Debut Wasn’t The Big Punch He Took

Paddy Pimblett has claimed that being hit hard on the feet wasn’t the biggest mistake he made against Luigi Vendramini in his UFC debut.

Pimblett, who is a former Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion, made his highly anticipated first appearance on MMA’s biggest stage last weekend. In the UFC Vegas 36 main card opener, “The Baddy” entered the promotion with a clash against Brazil’s Vendramini.

As he’d predicted, Pimblett knocked his opponent out inside the opening round. However, the victory wasn’t without some early adversity. Vendramini appeared to rock the Liverpudlian early on in the fight, with one vicious left hook seemingly doing damage.

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But while many, including MMA analyst Dan Hardy, have pointed to his exposed chin and questionable defense as his biggest errors from the fight, Pimblett shares a different view. According to the Liverpool native, he was most disappointed in his failure to defend the Brazilian’s takedown shortly after being hit with a hard strike.

During a recent appearance on Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour, “The Baddy” revealed that the mammoth left hook from Vendramini didn’t hurt him at all. But while he can accept taking some shots, he was unhappy that he let the Brazilian take him to the ground.

“It (Vendramini’s left hook) really genuinely did not hurt me at all. It was just me own fault, I should have rolled before I threw that shot… I noticed straight away after I watched it back what I done wrong. I’m more disappointed that he landed the takedown after it… I shouldn’t have got took down like that. I don’t mind taking a punch or two lad. As I say, it wakes me up. But getting took down like that, that pissed me off a bit.”

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While Pimblett did credit himself for being able to quickly get back up, he’s frustrated to have begun his UFC career with an 0-1 takedown defense record.

“I like the fact that I wrestled up, single leg…it showed that even when he had caught me with his biggest shot, me wits were still there to just easily get up. But, I’m disappointed in the fact that he actually took me down. I’m 0-1 for takedowns in the UFC; defense, it’s shite.”

Despite a slight scare early in his debut, Pimblett certainly backed up all the hype that surrounded him heading into last weekend’s event. “The Baddy” believes that only a Masvidal-esque five-second knockout would have made for a better first appearance.

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And with his name on the lips of most fans, pundits, and fighters, the Liverpudlian doesn’t feel the need to call anyone out. According to him, they’ll be calling his name out soon. While on The MMA Hour, Pimblett suggested a return to the cage in late November or early December is the target.

Who do you think Paddy Pimblett should face next in the UFC?

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