Nick Diaz No Shows “The Voice Versus”, Schiavello Responds


Nick Diaz was penciled in as a guest for this week’s episode of “The Voice Versus” on AXS TV but in what should come as no surprise, he no showed the interview, leaving host Michael Schiavello scrambling. He posted about it on Twitter:

The shows former guests include the likes of former Boxing Heavyweight Champion George Foreman as well as WWE superstar Steve Austin and UFC President Dana White. Diaz did not have to fly out for the shows taping, instead Schiavello went to Diaz. The host flew to Stockton to tape the interview and Diaz still could not find time to make an appearance.

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  1. Is anyone surprised by this? This is pretty consistent with his lack of professionalism. I’m not a Diaz fan…at all. To be fair though being “penciled in” and having a confirmed spot are two different things. Which one was it?

  2. Nick Diaz is a worthless cunt. He hasn’t beaten a REAL top opponent in years, and has apparently forgotten that it has always been part of his job description to do these PR things.


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