Paige VanZant Talks Testing Waters With Color Commentary

Paige VanZant
Image Credit: Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Paige VanZant is dabbling into the world of color commentary.

VanZant, an unranked UFC women’s flyweight, hasn’t had the best of luck lately. She’s been dealing with arm issues. VanZant has undergone multiple surgeries and a timetable for her return isn’t clear. She has only had one bout in 2018 and one bout this year.

VanZant Discusses Color Commentary Gig

VanZant certainly isn’t out of options to make money outside of competing. In fact, she recently joined Sean Wheelock on the commentary team for an M-1 Global event. PVZ discussed her experience in an interview with‘s Mike Heck.

“I had an amazing time commentating with Sean Wheelock at the M-1 Global show and, of course, I get to commentate alongside him again,” VanZant told “I think the more we work together, the better flow we’re going to get, the better I’m going to be at it. This is his full-time job, he has a ton of experience (with broadcasting), and I have the experience competing in the cage and on the mat, and I get to add a little bit more flare to the color commentary. It’s super fun and I’m super excited to be a part of such an awesome event.”

VanZant went on to explain what she tries to accomplish during the broadcasts where she provides color commentary.

“I really just try to make it personal,” VanZant explained. “I’ll use the knowledge that I have, the experience that I have, and translate that to the audience. I think the big difference between this one and the last one, the MMA shows that are more on the local and regional level, you’re going to get more casual fans that aren’t super in-depth or knowledgeable to what’s going on. With something like this, you’re going to get true fans, people who know what’s happening — MMA people and jiu-jitsu people — and I can commentate a little more in-depth and with a more detailed precision. It won’t just be kind of a vague overview of what’s happening. I’m excited to use my experience with grappling, my experience with competing and translate that to whoever is watching, explaining to people what I think could be happening, what I think is going on and I think it will be an awesome flow with what Sean and I have.”