Paulo Costa Believes He’ll Knockout Yoel Romero In The First

Paulo Costa explains
Image Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Paulo Costa is set for a fight he wanted against Yoel Romero on the main card of UFC 241. The two have been booked two previous times but injuries on both sides pushed it back to now.

Why Costa still wanted that fight against Romero is easy. He knows he wins the fight even though he is a world-class wrestler he still believes he will knock him out.

“Yoel Romero is a champion in wrestling. But, this is MMA. We aren’t going to fight wrestling. Believe me, I’m going to knock him out. And if he isn’t smart, I’ll take him down and submit him,” Costa said to “I just say to Yoel, be careful what you wish for,” Costa explained. “I will fight Romero how I always fight. The first second of the fight I will try to knock him out or even submit him. I will chase him and hunt him inside the Octagon. I’m going to knock him out. It will be in the first round.”

If Costa does indeed do that, he says he will be fighting for the middleweight title in his next fight.

“No question if I win this I will fight for the title next,” Costa said. “When I beat him — especially in the way I beat him — the only option will be for me to fight for the title. I will beat him so badly, I will fight for the belt next.”

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