Rampage Jackson Threatens to Dish Dirt on ‘Shady’ Former Friend


Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has threatened to expose a friend he claims has “scammed” him

The Bellator heavyweight contender took to Twitter with some interesting claims that pertain to a “former friend”, threatening to inform the unnamed, former associate’s ‘chick’ about what he was up to while she was ‘holding down the house and kids back in England’.

“Just had to get this off my chest,” Jackson wrote. “I’m sure you guys will find out about this shit soon, plus I know they still follow me.”

“Funny how shady people can get close to you and become like your best friends in the world.. rob you out of millions of dollars. Thinking they out smarted you. It’s more like out hearted you, good people will chose friendships over money. But I have to ask how smart is it to let the guy that you are scamming to know all your dirt?! The bro code had just gone out the window, you know I keep it real.. So if their chicks ever asks me anything about what went on over here while they was holding down the house n kids back in England you know I’m gonna keep it real.”

While many have speculated that the friend in question is a well known UFC champion, there is no evidence to support this.