Randy Brown: Touch N’ Going To UFC Fight Night In Texas (Exclusive Interview)

Randy “Rude Boy” Brown is only 26 years old and already shows the maturity of someone who has been in the fight game for years. With his even keeled temperament and happy go lucky personality, you would never guess that he is one of the most dangerous prospects in MMA today. With his first Professional loss behind him, Randy Brown is ready to show why he is justifiably the hottest prospect in the UFC’s Welterweight division.

Brown never seems to be affected by the pressure. A little bit of nerves? Sure. Butterflies? Obviously, but he never seems to let those feelings get the best of him, No matter if he is fighting for his first professional title or fighting in front of UFC President Dana White for the first time. “…It was cool knowing that he was there, but honestly it did not affect my performance or anything because, ya know I knew that if I did what I always do and I was able to show my talents and showcase what I do. I knew he was gunna take notice. It wasn’t really a big issue, ya know?”

What makes Brown different isn’t so much that he doesn’t buy into his own hype. He just doesn’t seem to be affected by anything. Dana White, fighting in the UFC, or getting naked and running outside. He is confident and not scared of what the future holds.

Listen to the full interview and find out when and who he fights next, how he had a boxing coach disappear out of nowhere, and what its like being a Champion on the local scene. Watch Randy Brown fight Eric Montano at UFC Fight Night 94 in Hidalgo, TX on September 17th.