Ronda Rousey’s Mom Writes Cryptic Tweets On Eve Of Travis Browne Interview

Dr. AnnMaria De Mars is many things. She’s a statistical consultant, a former world judo champion, and the CEO of a gaming company, but worldwide, she’s best known as the mother of UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey. Dr. De Mars is prolific on Twitter, talking about everything from mixed martial arts in general to her daughters (all of them) to musings on the nature of celebrity in light of Ronda’s success. For example, there’s this:

So last night, she tweeted a number of thoughts in a row with the hashtag #advicefromMom:

Of course, being that Ronda Rousey is dating accused domestic abuser/UFC heavyweight fighter Travis Browne, a number of people started replying with tweets speculating that Dr. De Mars was disapproving of her daughter’s beau. Then, a couple hours later, her eldest daughter, Maria Burns-Ortiz (who co-wrote her famous younger sister’s book), tweeted this:

Dr, De Mars retweeted that. Of course, neither ever outright said who or what the tweets were/weren’t about, or if they were general advice. If they really weren’t, the timing was nt great, because today, Browne went on The MMA Hour to publicly discuss his relationship with Rousey for the first time. If the tweets weren’t supposed to be about Rousey and Browne, then that’s too bad, because with hindsight, everyone is going to be more inclined to think they were.

Rousey’s next fight is a main event against Holly Holm on November 14th at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Browne’s next fight is against Matt Mitrione on January 17, 2016 at UFC Fight Night: Dillashaw vs. Cruz in Boston, Massachusetts. De Mars doesn’t have a fight coming up, but she’s got a book about grappling for MMA.