Royce Gracie Talks About CM Punk’s Chances In UFC, Rampage/Bellator Contract Situation

UFC Hall Of Famer and current Bellator MMA brand ambassador Royce Gracie recently spoke with the folks at The Fight Nerd about a number of topics, including the situation surrounding Quinton Jackson’s contract conflict and CM Punk’s decision to transition from the world of pro wrestling to the world of mixed-martial-arts.

In regards to Rampage, the UFC pioneer who now represents Bellator noted that Jackson should honor his commitment to Bellator and finish out his contract with the promotion before heading back to the UFC.

“I’m not sure about his contract deal,” said Gracie. “But he has two fights left in Bellator. He should finish that, get rid of your contract and then move on.”

When the subject of former pro wrestler CM Punk came up, Gracie said he will give the former WWE star the benefit of the doubt and take the “wait and see” approach.

“Well, we will find out,” said Gracie of Punk’s chances of achieving success in the MMA world. “We will find out. I mean, it’s a little different. I mean, he is going to get punched in the face for real now. I know those guys they connect with each other when they slap with open hands,” Gracie said of the physical exchanges in the staged world of professional wrestling, “but this one is for real.”

Gracie continued, “We are going to see. He might come in and beat everybody up, not even take a punch. But if he comes in and takes a beating, we will see where his heart is at, if he wants to continue in that or just go back to the WWE.”

You can listen to the complete Royce Gracie interview via the YouTube player embedded at the top of this page.

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