Ryan Hall Believes He And BJ Penn’s Jiu-Jitsu Is More Similar Than Fans Realize

Ryan Hall
Image Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

What has the potential to be an amazing grappling match will go down at UFC 232. UFC Hall Of Famer BJ Penn will return to the Octagon to face former Ultimate Fighter winner Ryan Hall. Hall and Penn are both known for their spectacular jiu-jitsu abilities. This looks to be a great match-up for both men.

Hall, a leg-lock specialist, gets to test himself against a fellow elite grappler. He isn’t much of a stand-up artist, which has been Penn’s downfall as of late. The UFC Hall Of Famer is currently on a five-year losing streak. The 39-year-old will likely have the advantage on the feet, but things could get interesting if the fight finds its way to the ground.

Recently, Hall was interviewed on “The MMA Hour” to discuss his upcoming fight with Penn. Hall said that he thinks he and Penn’s jiu-jitsu is a lot similar than fans realize (via MMA Fighting):

“B.J. Penn has been personally extremely inspiring to me,” Hall said. “I still think that maybe only one or two other people have passed the guard like he has in MMA. Maybe him, Demian Maia, obviously there’s others, Kenny Florian did a very good job as well. But I think that, it’s funny.

“It was interesting, it’s very interesting. I’ve never been in a situation like this quite before where I’m getting to compete against the people who I’ve looked up to, truly looked up to since the beginning of even my grappling career.

“I think that our jiu-jitsu is actually a little bit more similar than people realize, but it’ll be interesting to find out on the night. And I can absolutely say that I’ve drawn a great deal of inspiration and information from watching B.J. compete over the years.”

Who do you think holds the jiu-jitsu advantage between Hall and Penn?