Sam Alvey Claims He Won’t Lose Again

Sam Alvey
Image Credit: Dave Mandel of

Sam Alvey had a rough night in Sao Paulo over the weekend. “Smile’n Sam” was knocked out by mixed martial arts (MMA) legend Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. While such a loss might bring down the spirits of most fighters, Alvey is only seeing this as a minor setback.

He took to his Instagram and released a video to fans, updating them after his defeat. Alvey said that upon his return from Brazil he’ll be getting right back into the gym to train and get better. Alvey is aiming for a return at the UFC’s upcoming Milwaukee card. He also vowed to never lose again (via

“Ladies and gentlemen, Smilin’ Sam here, coming after an un-victorious night,” Alvey said. “Just want to let everyone know, I thank you so much for all the support, and for those of you that are hating on me, rot in hell.”

“It was fun here in Brazil, and I’m sorry I’m leaving a loser, but next I’m in the cage — maybe Milwaukee, I’m pushing for it. I’d love to fight in my hometown. But anyway, than you again guys.

“I’m feeling alright. I’m going to go to a Brazilian steakhouse before I get on the plane, then I’ll be back to the States to train, get better, and I’m never going to lose again. You watch it happen — or watch it not happen?”

What do you think of Alvey’s bold claim?