Shane Fazen of fightTIPS Talks Fighting Myths & His YouTube Channel (Exclusive)

Shane Fazen
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Shane Fazen continues to share his talents and adventure with the world.

Fazen gained notoriety with his hit YouTube channel fightTIPS. On the channel, Fazen has helped many overcome their fears of being bullied and harassed. He has also debunked many myths when it comes to fighting.

The latest stop on his journey was at Queens College. Fazen attended the Super Seminar World Series. While Bas Rutten and Duane Ludwig were teaching students some techniques, Fazen was breaking things down for the viewers at home.

MMA News was on the scene for the event and caught up with Fazen, who gave us a brief rundown of his YouTube channel:

“So fightTIPS is at 1.6 million followers now. It’s martial arts tutorial videos, so we break down mostly striking but we’re also bringing in wrestling, grappling that kind of thing.”

As mentioned, Fazen has been known to bust a myth or two. He spoke on one myth that many have heard growing up.

“The one that comes to mind is if you palm strike someone in the nose, the nose bone will go into the brain and kill them. I remember as a kid hearing that a lot. There is no bone in here, it’s cartilage. So even if you did, it wouldn’t be able to penetrate into the brain and it’s way too far away.”

Outside of his troubles when the cameras are off him, Jon Jones has been criticized in the past for his fighting style. There are two main issues fans and even fighters have touched on. One of them are the oblique kicks that Jones throws. Many cite potential permanent damage to the knees.

Fazen gave his take on the topic and whether or not the knees can blow out due to those kicks.

“It’s never happened in an organized mixed martial arts match. Round kicks have done damage to the knees, but it’s actually really hard to time it to where your leg is straight and you hyperextend the knee. They tried to outlaw it because Jon Jones uses it a lot and ‘Rampage’ made a fuss because he got beat by him. They argue, and it’s a good argument, they say it’s different than a kneebar which also hyperextends the knee but your opponent has the ability to tap. Where as if you stomp on the knee, you don’t have the ability to tap. I like seeing who the best is no matter what the weapon is, so I say keep it.”

Fans of fightTIPS have plenty to look forward to. Fazen gave us the lowdown.

“We’re always doing something new, always busy staying busy. (There’s a) new series on the channel all the time. We just came out with a new Snapchat series where I travel the world and train under different martial arts masters, you guys will definitely enjoy that. We’ve got a lot of gear coming out, fightTIPS stuff making sure that it’s top-of-the-line quality.”

Fazen has hand wraps and a shirt available at the MMA Warehouse. You can also visit his website at