Stipe Miocic: Daniel Cormier ‘Literally Cried On National TV’

Daniel Cormier Stipe Miocic
Image Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Stipe Miocic is set for the biggest fight of his career when he rematches Daniel Cormier in the main event of tomorrow’s (Sat., August 17, 2019) UFC 241.

The two, of course, fought once before, with Cormier knocking out Miocic in the first round at July 2018’s UFC 226. While the buildup to that fight was about as calm and professional as could be, the second fight has a much more personal aspect about it.

Miocic’s record-setting heavyweight title reign was ended in shocking fashion by Cormier. While it seemed Cormier was headed for a huge pay-per-view (PPV) spectacular against Brock Lesnar, Miocic waited for an immediate rematch. Former champions with far fewer defenses have gotten just that, so Miocic believed he was more than deserving. Yet Cormier didn’t agree, thinking that Miocic should have taken a fight in the 13 months since. He’s claimed Miocic has been behaving like a ‘bit of a brat’ by thinking he’s entitled to a rematch.

Speaking to media members this week via MMA Mania, Miocic vehemently denied any claim that he’s emotional. He doesn’t understand what Cormier is claiming. On top of that, he pointed to Cormier crying on television following his loss to Jon Jones:

“I have no feelings towards him, I don’t know what his deal is about my feelings. I still want a rematch. The dude literally cried on national TV.”

No “Feelings” About Rematch?

Miocic insisted further that he wasn’t emotionally invested in the rematch as Cormier has repeatedly stated. If the fight didn’t materialize, it just didn’t. He believes ‘DC’ would have done the same thing were he in his position. Overall, Cormier’s assessment of his ‘feelings’ just didn’t make sense in Miocic’s eyes:

“If it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen. I don’t know what feelings I had about it. Listen, I’m a grown-ass man. I was trying to get [the rematch]. He’d be doing the same damn thing. So I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, ‘feelings.’”

There’s no denying the gloves are off for this pivotal fight. Well, they are at least as much as a fight involving Miocic can be, anyway. The Cleveland firefighter is well-known as a cool, calculating, and solemn presence. He largely prefers to let his fists do the talking in the Octagon.

Cormier has a way of getting under his opponents’ skin, however. A first-round knockout will expedite that process exponentially as well. So regardless of how emotionless he claims to be, UFC 241 carries far more weight than any other he’s participated in.

Has Daniel Cormier forced the stoic Stipe Miocic to get emotional before UFC 241?