Stipe Miocic Surprised to Hear UFC Planned to Book Him Against Jon Jones

Stipe Miocic UFC 220 Salaries
Image Credit: Getty Images

The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) plan to book Jon Jones against Stipe Miocic is news to the heavyweight champion.

After it was revealed that Jon Jones failed his UFC 214 drug test, UFC President Dana White revealed that the promotion planned to have a “super fight” between “Bones” and Miocic. That took the heavyweight title holder by surprise since he’s trying to renegotiate his contract.

During an appearance on MMA Junkie Radio, Miocic explained how he heard of the news:

“I had no idea they wanted me to fight him. True story. I read it in an article. (UFC President Dana White) said that, so apparently that’s what they wanted or were thinking about.”

He then talked about what he’s looking for in terms of a new contract.

“I just think a guy getting paid more than the champ is kind of unfair. I don’t think that’s right. A man’s worked his way to get to the top, and then a guy that’s never fought for the title, fought for the title for the first time and made more money than the champion.”