Stipe Miocic Thinks Letting USADA Know His Whereabouts is a Waste of Time

Stipe Miocic

Stipe Miocic seems to have joined Daniel Cormier on losing faith in the U.S. Anti-doping Agency (USADA). The former heavyweight champion lost his title to Cormier at UFC 226 and would like to have an opportunity to get it back, but with Cormier’s fight with Brock Lesnar being Cormier’s focus and the news of Jon Jones’ return to MMA, Miocic seems to have been put on a waiting list.

The Lesnar fight has to come first but having Jones back in competition due to the 15-month sanction allowing him to return to MMA as soon as November, Miocic recently posted on social media that he has to let USADA know his whereabouts and that it seems like a “waste of time.”

When the news of Jones being allowed to return broke, Cormier said on UFC Tonight that USADA should not bother him anymore. The sentiment seems to be shared by the last man Cormier beat when he said the only thing they would find in his system is Modelo, the official beer sponsor of the UFC.

Miocic has said in the past that the UFC seems to underpromote him and with names like Lesnar and Jones added to the path of fighting for the heavyweight title it gets further from his grasp. This was most apparent when he fought Francis Ngannou at UFC 220 where Ngannou’s power was the focus of promotion for the fight. Miocic holds the record for consecutive UFC Heavyweight Championship defenses by defending the title three times before facing Cormier in a champ versus champ super fight last July at UFC 226.

The conversation for heavyweight and light-heavyweight fights has come up for Jones and Cormier to go at it again yet Miocic does not seem to be in play as the recent former champion who is adamant about regaining the title.

Miocic also posted not so long ago that he is the only heavyweight champion to defend his title as many times as he did and that he fully intends to be the one to break that record. Jones has teased at coming after Cormier at heavyweight as well, but he likely would have to earn a title shot in his first fight back and Miocic seems to be free.

Do you think Miocic will fight Jones or Cormier anytime soon?