T.J. Dillashaw on Cody Garbrandt Beef: ‘Urijah Faber Pushes This Trash’

T.J. Dillashaw UFC
Image Credit: Credit: AP / Jeff Haynes

T.J. Dillashaw would like to remind you that he and Cody Garbrandt were never friends.

In fact, Dillashaw doesn’t think “No Love” should have any say in his split from Team Alpha Male because it was never about him. The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight title holder will coach opposite the current champion Garbrandt on season 25 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

Dillashaw answered some questions during media day (via MMAFighting.com). The current Elevation Fight Team member believes Urijah Faber is hyping up “No Love” to create a manufactured beef:

“Cody should have no involvement in this at all. He was coming in, I was on my way out, for the most part. We were never friends. It wasn’t like I did anything to dishonor him or whatever. I think it’s more Urijah pumping these guys up and continuing to push this trash and build this team, which is money in his pocket. Every guy that fights from there pays him. I think it’s him being the mastermind behind this whole thing.”

While Dillashaw wasn’t very close with Garbrandt, he can’t say the same for some other members of Team Alpha Male. Dillashaw expressed disappointment in his former friends egging on the rivalry.

“You think you make friendships for a lifetime and they seemed to turn pretty quick. You’re disappointed with certain people. I wasn’t always close with everyone. I wasn’t ever really friends with Garbrandt. We weren’t really that close. But guys like Justin Buchholz, the head coach, he was always in my corner. Danny Castillo. Guys like that. You really kind of lose a lot of respect for how they’re acting and their friendship you thought you had.”

TUF: Redemption will debut on April 19 at 10 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1. Dillashaw and Garbrandt will compete in a title bout in July.