Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Brittney Elkin

Claressa Shields Releases First Statement After PFL 4 Comeback Victory

As one of the best female boxers of our time, Claressa Shields dared to be great in a transition into MMA—and it paid off after a come-from-behind victory. At PFL 4 on Thursday, a heavy amount of pressure collected on the shoulders of the only boxer in history, female...

Claressa Shields Slams Brittney Elkin Ahead Of PFL 4

Claressa Shields takes issue with Brittney Elkin ahead of PFL 4.

Claressa Shields’ Opponent Brittney Elkin Openly Reveals Game Plan

Brittney Elkin is confident her more well-rounded MMA game is going to be the difference in her fight against Claressa Shields. Elkin will be Shield's first MMA opponent after the latter transitioned from the boxing world in an attempt to replicate the success she had in boxing. They face each...