Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Cian Cowley

McGregor Bus Attack Accomplice Cian Cowey Set For Fighting Return

Conor McGregor attacked the fighter bus, leading to his subsequent arrest, prior to UFC 223 in April last year. However, he didn't act alone. One of the men who assisted in the attack, fellow mixed martial artist (MMA), Cian Cowley, was also arrested. Since the incident, Cowley has avenged...

McGregor Bus Attack Accomplice Cian Cowley Re-Signed By Brave CF

Conor McGregor wasn't the only one punished for his bus attack in New York in April. Fellow mixed martial artist Cian Cowley also took part in the action at the Barclays Center during UFC media day. McGregor smashed a dolly through one of the fighter buses, shattering glass that cut...