Friday, October 15, 2021
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Combate Americas: ‘Copa Combate’ Results of One-Night Tournament

In honor of the anniversary of UFC 1, Combate Americas ran a special eight-fighter, one-night tournament Saturday entitled "Copa Combate." The event aired live on NBCSN from Cancun. Levy Marroquin claimed the tournament title and the $100,000 that went with it, as the alternate moved into the action following Ricky Palacios'...

Copa Combate Preview: Exclusive Interview With Ricky Palacios

On November 11th in Cancun, Mexico Combate Americas will be hosting an eight man one night tournament. Competing in the tournament will be one of the most recognizable faces currently in the organization, Ricky Palacios. Don't let the big cowboy hat and sly grin fool you, Ricky is has the...