Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Duke Roufus Says CM Punk Has Improved “Incredibly”

Duke Roufus is singing the praises of CM Punk. This Saturday night (June 9) Punk will make his second and perhaps final Octagon appearance. He'll...

Duke Roufus: CM Punk Will Return to UFC ‘200 Percent’ Better

If Duke Roufus is to be believed, then CM Punk may do the clobbering this time. Punk is believed to be penciled in for the...

Duke Roufus: We’ll Get Some News Soon on CM Punk’s Next Fight

CM Punk is gearing up for his second professional mixed martial arts (MMA) debut. Back in Sept. 2016, Punk made his debut under the Ultimate...

Paul Felder on Training With Duke Roufus: ‘I Got to Milwaukee & Never Came Back’

Paul Felder has aligned himself with Duke Roufus and he has no regrets. This past Sunday night (Feb. 19), "The Irish Dragon" returned to the...

Duke Roufus: “I Think CM Punk Is Going To Fight Again”

Duke Roufus, head coach at the Roufusport Gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, recently spoke about his fighter CM Punk's future following his first professional MMA...

Video: CM Punk On His MMA Team, Duke Roufus & Anthony Pettis On His Progress Ahead of this Saturday's UFC 203 pay-per-view in Cleveland, Ohio, CM Punk is featured in a new video released by the UFC to promote...

CM Punk Talks In-Depth About His Injury, UFC Debut, Filming With His Wife

On Monday, former WWE performer turned UFC fighter CM Punk shed some light on the news regarding an injury he suffered that is rumored...

Video: CM Punk: “Believe It Or Not, My Best Area Right Now Is Striking”

CM Punk talks to the MMA media in Las Vegas about his progress as an aspiring fighter.

More Signs That CM Punk Is Taking His Transition To UFC Seriously

CM Punk continues to prove his dedication to becoming an MMA fighter.

CM Punk Gives Specific Timetable For His UFC Debut

CM Punk reveals exactly when he expects to make his fighting debut.

CM Punk: “MMA Is The Easiest Job In The World For Me”

CM Punk explains why MMA comes easy to him.

Duke Roufus Calls CM Punk A “Natural Striker,” Says He’d Like To Wait A Year Before He Fights

CM Punk's head MMA trainer talks about his progress in the gym.

Duke Roufus: ‘CM Punk Would Have Lost Scrimmage Bout If We Scored It’

Duke Roufus says Punk would have lost the bout if they scored it, but he continues to show a lot of promise

Photo: CM Punk Fights “Scrimmage Bout” Against Undefeated Welterweight Prospect

CM Punk vs. Craig Eckelberg takes place at Roufusport gym this week.

VIDEO: CM Punk, Duke Roufus Talk His MMA Training Progress, When He’ll Fight, His Weight

News, notes and video highlights of CM Punk with his head trainer on AXS TV's "Inside MMA."