Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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MMA Fighter Nails WWE Star Finn Balor’s Finishing Move (Video)

Who needs submission attempts when you could just go full WWE. If you never thought you'd see a mixed martial arts fighter pull off a finishing move from former WWE Universal champion Finn Balor, well hell has just frozen over. We've seen the Boston Crab and a Sweet Chin Music...

WWE NXT Star Finn Balor Picks Conor McGregor Over WWE Star Sheamus In A Fight

https://youtu.be/I-PZEbZr444 WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor recently spoke with Xposé and was asked to give his prediction for a fight between fellow WWE Superstar Sheamus, or his Irish MMA counter-part, "The Notorious" Conor McGregor. Surprisingly enough, Balor didn't pick who everyone might think. "That's a good question, Sheamus or Conor, "...