Monday, October 18, 2021
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Former UFC Champion Frank Shamrock Responds To Report Of Animal Cruelty

Frank Shamrock admits that he left one of his mother's dogs tied up in the back of a truck. Last night (March 21), a report surfaced from WFAA-TV claiming that Shamrock was under investigation by the Dallas police for animal cruelty. Shamrock allegedly left a dog tied in the back...

Frank Shamrock Helping Train Ken Shamrock For Bellator 149 Fight Against Royce Gracie In a surprising bit of news, it seems that the Shamrock brothers have finally made peace, as it appears that Frank Shamrock is not only helping his older brother Ken train for his upcoming Bellator MMA bout against Royce Gracie, but will also be in his corner for their...

Tito Ortiz Explains Why Lotion Cost Him Fight Against “Slippery” Liam McGeary

"The People's Champion" gives the always fun post-fight explanation for his loss.

Tito Ortiz vs. Kimbo Slice — Bellator Should Strike While The Iron Is Hot, And Here’s Why

If Bellator is all about making fights that fans will tune in to watch, what two better names to put on the marquee than Tito Ortiz and Kimbo Slice?

Phil Baroni Reaches Out To Jeff Jarrett For Pro Wrestling Job With Global Force Wrestling

Phil Baroni to work pro wrestling matches for the company Chael Sonnen works as a color-commentator for?

Video: Tito Ortiz Says Rampage Ran From Him, Rousey Is Running From Cyborg

Tito Ortiz resurfaces in new online video interview.

Tito Ortiz Turns Down Rematch With Frank Shamrock

"The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" opts for a title shot against Liam McGeary instead.

Frank Shamrock Gives Thoughts On Ken Shamrock Returning For Bare-Knuckle Boxing Match

The MMA legend says he hopes his older, adopted brother isn't doing it because he needs money.

Wanderlei Silva Joins MMA Legends At Bellator 131 Pre-Party Kickoff This Friday

"The Axe Murderer" joins Royce Gracie, Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock in San Diego, CA.

Fight-Week Schedule For Bellator 131: “Tito vs. Bonnar” Beginning On 11/12

List of events during Bellator 131 fight week in San Diego, California.

EXCLUSIVE: Scott Coker On Kimbo & Gina Carano To Bellator, Changing Format, Dana White

Check out a new exclusive video interview with the Bellator promoter.

EXCLUSIVE: Ken Shamrock On Rooting For Tito Ortiz, Issues With Dana White, Mayweather/MMA

An exclusive video interview with "The World's Most Dangerous Man."

Chael Sonnen Takes Friendly Shot At Former WWE Superstar CM Punk

Sonnen calls out Punk for not delivering as promised.

WWE Star Chris Jericho Says Vince McMahon Almost Fought Frank Shamrock, Shamrock Responds

Chris Jericho tells a story about the day Vince McMahon almost battled with the MMA legend.

Frank Shamrock Talks Not Being In UFC Hall Of Fame, Upcoming Mega-Fights

Check out a new interview with MMA legend Frank Shamrock