Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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[ARCHIVES] Info/Facts After Couture vs. Toney “UFC vs Boxing” Bout

Tonight will feature a modern-day UFC vs. Boxing bout when Tyron Woodley faces Jake Paul. Only this time, much like Ben Askren's bout against Paul in April, it will be in the boxing ring. Here's a timely look back to an article we published 11 years ago immediately following...

Editorial: Jean Pascal’s Nick Diaz Call Out is Nothing More Than a Cry For Publicity

Former light heavyweight champion of the world Jean Pascal has joined the boxer vs. mixed martial artist trend by calling out UFC welterweight Nick Diaz, but is this more a media exercise than a genuine offer to fight? The debate of boxer vs. MMA fighter in MMA rules was seemingly...

Video: Toney v Couture – The Last Time Elite Boxing and MMA Crossed Paths?

Boxing and MMA crossovers are not as exclusive to Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather; relive the last time both sports went head to head when Toney met Couture. James Toney was one of the greatest boxers to ever compete in boxing's middleweight division. When it was announced that he would face UFC...

Top 10 Most Dominant Heavyweight Champions In MMA History (Part 2)

Part two of our look at the best MMA heavyweights in history.