Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Catching Up With “The Voice”: Exclusive Interview With Michael Schiavello

If you are a fan of the fight game you know Michael "The Voice" Schiavello. Muy Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, and more. Schiavello's voice and his famous calls have been known world wide for over a decade. From "he has that impenetrable Virgin defense." to "GOODNIGHT IRENE!" Michael Schiavello is known everywhere as...

Fedor Says He Has No Regrets Of Never Fighting In The UFC

Preview clip for "The Voice Versus Fedor," airing September 19th on AXS TV.

Nick Diaz No Shows “The Voice Versus”, Schiavello Responds

Nick Diaz was penciled in as a guest for this week's episode of "The Voice Versus" on AXS TV but in what should come as no surprise, he no showed the interview, leaving host Michael Schiavello scrambling. He posted about it on Twitter: The shows former guests include the...