Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Olympians Soa Palelei & RIck Hawn Retire From MMA It feels like we're starting to hear about a lot more surprise retirements as of late. When Costas Philippou retired a few months ago, for example, it came out of nowhere. Coming on the heels of that, two of mixed martial arts' more unsung Olympic grapplers turned high level...

17 Additional Fighters Released From UFC

It was reported last week after five fighters announced that they were released from the UFC, that the promotion was actually looking to clean house in terms of their roster, with up to 50 fighters rumored to be on the chopping block. On Monday, 17 more fighters got axed. According...

The Real Reason Soa Palelei Is Banned From Visiting Sick Children In Australia

According to CNN, UFC heavyweight Soa Palelei has been banned from visiting sick children at an Australian hospital. This is despite him raising over $43,000 for the children at the Princess Margaret Hospital. Palelei was ordered not visit the hospital because of his label as a “cage” fighter. In many...

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