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Dana White: Jon Jones Is Completely Transformed, “Definitely” Moving To Heavyweight

https://youtu.be/kv_VWTb1HK0 Dana White and Jon Jones haven't exactly been on the best of terms since Jones' hit-and-run incident and subsequent hour-long interview with Ariel Helwani...

Video: Dana White Disputes Jones’ Claim About UFC’s Knowledge Of Belfort’s PED Use

https://youtu.be/-EH60VrLA4M Although Jon Jones claimed UFC had knowledge of Vitor Belfort's performance-enhancing drug use going into their UFC 152 fight in 2013, UFC President Dana...

Cris Cyborg Blasts UFC, Rousey For Recent Vitor Belfort/UFC Failed Drug Test Scandal

Cris Cyborg fires some more shots in the ongoing Cyborg-Rousey super fight saga.