Tai Tuivasa Responds to Not Receiving UFC 221 Bonus

Tai Tuivasa
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Tai Tuivasa isn’t thrilled about missing out on a bonus.

Last night (Feb. 10), Tuivasa did battle with Cyril Asker. The action took place inside Perth Arena in Perth, Australia. Tuivasa earned a first-round TKO victory.

After the bout, Tuivasa pulled off a shoey. It’s when someone drinks beer out of another person’s shoe. Tuivasa felt that alone should’ve netted him an extra $50,000.

No Extra Green

It didn’t and neither did his first-round stoppage. Speaking to the media at the post-fight press conference, Tuivasa wasn’t happy about it but did take the time to joke around (via MMAFighting.com):

“What more do they want us to do? I should’ve gotten 50K just for the shoey. Of course it was a random shoe, anybody’s shoe.”

He also feels Tyson Pedro should’ve been given “Submission of the Night.”

“I think we both should’ve gotten Performance of the Night and I think everyone else thought we should’ve gotten ‘Performance of the Night’. He (Tyson Pedro) almost ripped somebody’s arm off, and I like elbowed (Cyril Asker) back to France and f*cking nothing. Now I have to go home and cry all night.”

Sound off in the comments section below. Do you feel Tuivasa should have been given a bonus?

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  1. UFC usually just gives bonuses to four fighters. If they did for more, he would’ve gotten extra dough for sure

  2. Two fighters complaining about bonuses from the same card. Like I said in my comment on the other post about Pedro complaining, it’s always going to be an issue. They definitely both deserved performance of the night bonuses as much as anyone else, but when it’s decided the way it is in the company, it’s always gonna be an issue for one person or another.


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