Tai Tuivasa “Still Waiting” on Junior dos Santos to Accept Invitation

Tai Tuivasa
Image Credit: Getty Images

Recently, Junior dos Santos appeared on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, and one of the items of discussion was how dos Santos was willing to fight anyone and did not handpick opponents. Tai Tuivasa has decided to put that claim to the test, and as of Wednesday night, he’s still waiting on a response.

Tuivasa first shed light on his desire to face Cigano on August 8th, when he wrote on Twitter:

“Well got me another new contract so I’m thinking I want to play PUNCH-FACE again soon… who do you want to see me dance with since @junior_cigano doesn’t want to..😒 @MarcinTybura ya keen?????👀👀 Come on @Mickmaynard2 @seanshelby @danawhite @ufc @UFC_AUSNZ @arielhelwani @jesus,” Tuivasa wrote.

That very same day, true to his word of being open to fighting anyone, Cigano expressed interest in facing Tuivasa, but under the right circumstances:

“We can dance anywhere the taxes won’t kill me, friend. You gotta think about this stuff when you make real money… you keep up those wins and you’ll learn about that soon, Daniel-son,” dos Santos wrote on Twitter.

Tuivasa would then respond, sticking to the Karate Kid theme:

“Thanks for the heads up Mr Miyagi.. but yea management have looked into it already as they have done for Mark over the years and financially stacks up either way with endorsements..☺️. So how about Australia then?”

Tuivasa was then met with only the response of crickets. He decided to give it one last crack Wednesday evening:

“Hey Mr Miyagi, I Didn’t get a reply from my last response, but since your not keen on Asia should come to Australia, it’s the best!! Or you don’t like the weather or you don’t like Home and Away? Or Shoeys? I’ve accepted to dance with you..#Waiting 😴  @ufc @Mickmaynard2”

The card Tuivasa is referring to is UFC Fight Night 142 in Tuivasa’s home of Australia, and what he is proposing is what would be a shoey-in for the card’s main event if finalized.

Is Tai Tuivasa vs. Junior dos Santos a fight you’d like to see?