Tom Duquesnoy Edges Out Decision Against Terrion Ware – UFC London

Tom Duquesnoy
Image Credit: Francois Guillot/Getty Images

Next up on the main card is a great bantamweight bout between French finisher Tom Duquesnoy and the struggling Terrion Ware. Duquesnoy recently had his six-fight win streak snapped by Cody Stamann this past October via split decision. Ware has lost back-to-back fights since making his UFC debut last year. If he wants to ensure that he remains on the UFC roster, he’ll need to pick up a win tonight. Here’s how the fight went down:

Round 1:

Duquesnoy attacks hard with a leg kick and overhand to open the round. Ware just misses on a hook after catching one of Duquesnoy’s kicks. The pair clinch up for a bit put quickly disengage. Another overhand from Duquesnoy but he eats a jab from Ware. Another big leg kick from Duquesnoy and the follows up with a combo that makes him lose balance as he slips. He gets back up and Ware comes forward now.

He eats a head kick to the back of the head cut continues forward to land some hard shots on Duquesnoy. Duquesnoy clinches up and fails to get a back suplex and disengages to land a hard 1-2 combination. A right hand just lands for Duquesnoy but Ware continues to press forward. A head kick from Ware is just blocked and he continues to eat big leg kicks. Duquesnoy is landing some nice counter shots as Ware comes inside recklessly. A scramble ensues after a kick and Ware ends up on top to drop ground-and-pound, where the round comes to an end.

Round 2:

Duquesnoy continues to attack that lead leg of Ware. Ware now putting together some nice long range shots as he has Duquesnoy against the cage. A nice body shot from Duquesnoy, which he follows up with a low kick and inside elbow. Duquesnoy with a nice combination but Ware responds with one of his own inside the pocket.

A nice hook from Duquesnoy as Ware continues to press forward on him. A low blow from Ware temporarily stops the action. Duquesnoy comes back in hard after the break but a scramble ensues and Ware ends up in full guard on top of Duquesnoy on the ground. Ware is dropping down some elbows from the top and the round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Ware tries to clinch up with Duquesnoy against the cage but Duquesnoy is able to evade. A hard combination from Ware lands but Duquesnoy responds with a hard lead left. Ware fails on a takedown attempt and Duquesnoy lands a nice elbow in response. Ware seems a lot more comfortable on the feet now but still continues to eat a few shots from Duquesnoy. The round comes to an end with Duquesnoy landing some nice shots in the clinch.

Official Result: Tom Duquesnoy def. Terrion Ware via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)