Tony Ferguson Slams Khabib and McGregor After Support

Tony Ferguson
Image Credit: Getty Images

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson sadly remains one of the most anticipated fights in the history of our sport that has never taken place. With Khabib Nurmagomedov having an undefeated 27-fight win streak and Tony Ferguson riding an incredible 11-fight win streak, the intrigue from a sporting standpoint is evident, particularly when the compelling clash of styles between the two elite fighters is taken into account.

But aside from the sporting curiosity of how a fight between the two would unfold, another major element to Khabib vs. Tony Ferguson has been the fact that the two men have never had any love loss for one another. So when Khabib Nurmagomedov offered words of encouragement to Tony Ferguson in light of the recent domestic and psychological issues Tony Ferguson is facing, it served as what many considered to be a noble and classy move from the lightweight champion.

And prior to Khabib’s kind words, Conor McGregor also voiced some support for Ferguson, despite Ferguson hounding McGregor on social media for well over a year:

“Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that when all the chips are down, can pick them right back up again and come back stronger than ever! Came back from a debilitating injury in record time to give us one of the fights of the year! Let’s go Tony!!” McGregor wrote.

Friday evening, Tony Ferguson would once again take to social media, this time to demonstrate to both Khabib and McGregor what they could do with their support:

“You were finished… Tapped out & Quit like a bitch. Now you’re stepping on my toes you false idols @TheNotoriousMMA @ParadigmSM  @TeamKhabib Ready when you are Fathead. Don’t dodge me like #ufc209 Coward. No Loyalty to the game. -Real Champ Champ”

When one fan criticized Tony Ferguson for sending out such a tweet immediately following Khabib’s supportive words, Ferguson discredited the gesture and labeled it as nothing more than a PR stunt:

“Bullshit statement to pull positive vibes from you Casuals” Ferguson wrote regarding Khabib’s recent remarks.

What are your thoughts on Tony Ferguson’s volatile message to Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor?