Tony Ferguson Issues Statement Amid Personal Issues

Tony Ferguson
Image Credit: John Locher/AP

Tony Ferguson says he is getting the help he needs.

When Ferguson didn’t receive a shot at the interim Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight gold, it left many fans puzzled. Featherweight champion Max Holloway was booked to fight Dustin Poirier and UFC president Dana White said Ferguson turned down the fight. While many assumed Ferguson simply didn’t want to go down that road again after being stripped of the interim title, it turns out the reasoning was more serious.

Tony Ferguson Releases Statement

White would later reveal that “El Cucuy” is going through personal problems. Ferguson’s wife filed a restraining order, but not because the elite lightweight was violent. It was filed in an effort to get Ferguson help after police were called to their home several times due to unusual behavior. Ferguson took to his Instagram account to express gratitude to his supporters:

“Thank you all for the great support! I’m in a great spirits, UFC & Management are helping me find the help we need. I’m getting all of your messages, keep em’ coming!!! Thank you very much for the kind words, my family & team appreciates it. Lots of Love my Social Media Fam, keep the Faith couldn’t do this sh– without you.”

Many fighters have shown their support for Ferguson including Conor McGregor. While the two have traded barbs in the past, McGregor offered words of encourage to “El Cucuy,” who thanked the “Notorious” one.