Top Ten MMA “Super Fights” That Can Be Made Today (Part Two)

#5. Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko

It’s not too late, folks!

To a large portion of pro wrestling fans — Brock Lesnar is “the” guy right now. For that matter, many in top MMA circles still recognize that he is the biggest draw in the history of the sport, and likely still would be if he chose to return to the MMA world.

Listen, Dana White, as a promoter, has a job to try and sell guys as this or that. He can tell me until he’s blue in the face that Georges St-Pierre is the biggest draw in UFC history. He can scream it from building tops all day long that GSP is the biggest pay-per-view attraction in UFC history.

Unfortunately, we know better. Well, most of us do, anyway.

Brock Lesnar is the single biggest draw — in terms of pay-per-view sales — that the sport of MMA has ever seen. If he were to return to UFC, which is seeming like more and more of a possibility as his current WWE contract nears expiration, and guess what? His first fight back, if it were to happen, regardless of the opponent — would draw a monstrous pay-per-view buy rate for the UFC. Likely a figure that the company hasn’t seen — or come close to — in years.

On the other hand, you’ve got Fedor Emelianenko. Arguably the best Heavyweight MMA fighter of all-time. Again, Dana White will try to convince you otherwise, and there is certainly a legitimate argument to be made there, as he never took the opportunity — for whatever reason — Va-Dummy, or whoever else, to step into the Octagon and prove it.

Either way, no one can argue that if he is not the single best Heavyweight MMA fighter of all-time, he’s certainly in the discussion.

With both guys coming off of huge lay offs, it’d actually be a legitimate match to make. It wouldn’t be a situation where Brock fans say it’s unfair for him to return after a three-or-four year layoff only to step right in against a guy like Fedor.

The same can be said for the flip-side of that coin. Fedor’s loyal fans, and there are legions of them, wouldn’t cry foul and say it’s unfair for him to return after a three-or-four year layoff only to have to step in against a monster-sized former UFC Heavyweight Champion.

All things considered, they would be facing equal odds to have to overcome. Each would be returning after a long lay off. Each would be coming back after going into slumps towards the end of their professional fighting days.

For a casual fan, however, on a poster, it still reads: Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko. And trust me when I tell you, even after all these years, that fight would still draw on an insane level, whether you’re looking at television ratings, pay-per-view buy rates, arena attendance, merchandise sales, sponsorship deals. No matter how you slice it, Brock vs. Fedor still has plenty of juice behind it, and for that reason alone, has to be considered one of the biggest “super fights” that could be made in MMA today.

This seems like a good place to shut her down today. Make sure to check back here at as later this weekend, we will unveil the top four “super fights” or “dream matches” that can be — or should be — made in the sport of MMA.

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