TUF Star Gamburyan Threw Babalu's Hat Back


Here's an interesting note from Sam Caplan's FiveOuncesOfPain.com post-UFC 74 blog entry:

An interesting tidbit is that Sobral threw his hat into the crowd and Manny Gamburyan caught it (he was right in front of us). He chucked it right back to the cage in a fit of rage. Even the fighters know what Sobral did was bullshit. The fans booed him out of the building practically and cheered Gamburyan for throwing the hat back.

We mentioned during prelim coverage that Babalu threw his hat in the audience and someone chucked it back, similar to Tito Ortiz getting his shirt thrown back into the cage. That's pretty funny that it was TUF star (and runner up) Manny Gamburyan who, like pretty much the entire building, didn't appreciate Babalu's antics in his fight.

Sam has a bunch of cool live notes from the show in a detailed write-up. Check out the whole deal by clicking here.

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