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UFC 235 Highlights: Ben Askren vs. Robbie Lawler Ends in Controversial Fashion

Ben Askren vs. Robbie Lawler ends in controversy.

The two fighters met in a welterweight bout at the UFC 235 pay-per-view event from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. In round one, Lawler picks him up slams him and pounds him into the mat. Askren with a trip and he’s dragging Lawler down. Lawler gives up his back but slides out the back door. Askren with the bulldog choke and the referee steps in as he thinks he had Lawler out but Lawler claims to be awake and was. 

Peep the highlights of the fight courtesy of the UFC’s official Twitter account:

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  1. Sucks that the fight ended that way, but why didn’t Robbie put a thumbs up and that arm totally looked like it went limp. Either way could have been a great fight if continued

  2. Yeah… I don’t know. Thought he went out to when I watched it. That was just weird way for it to end. Maybe he did go out for a split second. I just don’t see how his arm fell that way without that having happened.

  3. Herb messed up yet again and how can Bob Bennett say that a replay wasn’t necessary. Bob at the press conference sounded delusional while trying to make explanations. It blows my mind that Bob is vice president and needs replaced with that type of thinking. Bottomline Robbie gave thumbs up and with replay rule could have continued that fight. And Ben not only acts like a douchebag, but looks the part as well. I can’t wait to see him get punched in the face again. He looked sloppy on his feet. People can try and say what they want, but that was no doubt a bad stoppage. I like Rogan, but Dominic had to finally get it through to Joe it was a bad call. Rogan was a little off last night. He stated shortly after that Herb Dean was the gold standard. It was probably too much weed?

  4. The guy drops his arm like he was unconscious and does nothing to get out of bulldog choke and this is suppose to be Herb’s mistake? Lawler don’t act like your unconscious, because the ref. will always stop the fight.

  5. Watch my link above not the damn gifs on the net..It shows the entire sequence, he dropped his arm from Ben’s shoulder..

  6. You clearly didn’t watch the fight on ppv and are just watching clips of it, because watch the replay properly and it’s a bad stoppage. You don’t understand MMA to say some dumb s*** like that. Of course it’s Herb Dean’s mistake. Robbie dropped his arm down and Herb raised it up. Robbie kept arm up and put his thumb up. It was a bad stoppage no doubt about it, just watch replay from correct angle and it’s clear he gives thumbs up. And besides the point if he would have been unconscious you don’t just jump up like he did. Herb messed up yet again. Get your facts right, it’s so aggravating when people push false narratives


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