UFC 238 Highlights: Valentina Shevchenko KO’s Jessica Eye With Nasty Head Kick

UFC 238
UFC 238

Valentina Shevchenko finishes Jessica Eye in nasty fashion.

The two fighters met in a women’s flyweight title bout at the UFC 238 pay-per-view event from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday night (June 8, 2019). In the second round, Shevchenko knocked her out with a left head kick for the win. A very scary win.  

Peep the highlights of the fight courtesy of the UFC’s official Twitter account:

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  1. i don’t know about the best martial artist, but probably one of the best display of muay thai.

  2. Eyes coaches let her down. She stood wide open to Valentina’s power kicks the entire first round and no one in her corner told her to close off. She had her insides rearranged in the first round, then sh had her brain re-positioned in the second. She lost 4 minutes of her life she’ll never get back because her corner let her down.

  3. again let me help you, she has more submissions than knock outs…Another real fact. do you work for CNN?

  4. let me help you, she lost twice to Amanda Nunes. Only reason Sh*ttychenko even has a UFC belt in a meaningless division is because Nunes sent her there after kicking her ass twice.

  5. Yup thats it. She went down to her natural weight class and no longer fights women who are much bigger than her.. You are a pathetic as a troll and worse as a commenter on MMA….

  6. Oh so that’s her excuse now that flyweight is “her natural weight class” so she’s a lot more successful now? What a pathetic attempt to sound relevant. Amanda beat her ass twice and became Valentina’s kryptonite. Crybaby fans like you will do anything to diminish Nunes’ win.


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