UFC 244’s Jorge Masvidal: ‘I Got About Four Years Left In Me’

Jorge Masvidal
Image Credit: Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Jorge Masvidal symbolically wore a similar outfit that Al Pacino wore when he played Tony Montana in Scarface (1983) for the UFC 244 press conference.

After finishing fighters that he was considered the underdog against, he has now become a high-profile, main event fighter that is one half of what could be one of the most anticipated UFC cards of 2019 with UFC 244. “The world is yours,” is a phrase Montana embraced when he found success in the story of Scarface and Masvidal seems to have done the same.

However, Masvidal is not one to get high on his own supply and he seems to have an exit plan. “I needed, what has happened recently to have happened a long time ago,” Masvidal said on SportsCenter yesterday but added he may not have been mentally ready for the success back then as he is now. “This year is going to be a great year, next year is going to be even better,” Masvidal said but also seemed aware of how long he should be fighting.

“I got about four years left in me,” he said of his future. Moving forward, his plan is to “take the judges out of the equation.” His losses were losses that he felt were robberies and in his 16-year career, he has 13 losses, 10 of which came by decision. “That’s all my mind has been on, is eliminating people off the planet earth,” Masvidal said of whatever may remain in the division after UFC 244.

“When I close the chapter on this fighting stuff, I’ll be separated from the pack.”

Jorge Masvidal

An argument could be made for Diaz also celebrating the same success when he submitted Conor McGregor at UFC 196, which is what makes UFC 244 so interesting. Whoever wins at UFC 244, both Diaz and Masvidal have already made their point about what true competition is, and are in a class of their own.