UFC Chile Results: Kamaru Usman Dominates Demian Maia

Demian Maia Kamaru Usman UFC Chile
Image via UFC

The UFC is in Santiago, Chile tonight (Sat. May 19, 2018) from the Movistar Arena. In the main event of the evening, former UFC welterweight title challenger Demian Maia will take on No. 7-ranked Kamaru Usman. The winner will likely take the next step in title contention for the 170-pound title.

In the co-main event of the evening, No. 9-ranked women’s strawweight Alexa Grasso will take on No. 12-ranked Tatiana Suarez. A light heavyweight fight between heavy-hitters Jared Cannonier and Dominick Reyes will also take place on the main card.

You can stick with MMA News throughout the night for our live coverage of the event. Results from UFC Chile can be found here below:

UFC Fight Pass Exclusive Prelims:

  • Featherweight: Enrique Barzola def. Brandon Davis via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)
  • Bantamweight: Frankie Saenz def. Henry Briones via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
  • Lightweight: Claudio Puelles def. Felipe Silva via R3 submission (kneebar, 2:23)

Preliminary Card:

  • Welterweight: Michel Prazeres def. Zak Cummings via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
  • Flyweight: Alexandre Pantoja def. Brandon Moreno via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 29-27)
  • Women’s strawweight: Poliana Botelho def. Syuri Kondo via R1 TKO (body kick and punches, 0:33)
  • Featherweight: Gabriel Benitez def. Humberto Bandenay via R1 KO (slam and punches, 0:39)

Main Card:

  • Welterweight: Demian Maia vs. Kamaru Usman

Round 1:

A leg kick from Usman starts things off. A straight left lands for Maia and Usman responds with a leg kick. Another clean left hand lands for Maia and he gets Usman down, but Usman is right back up to his feet. Maia is still working the takedown against the cage and switches to trying to take the back.

Maia gets one hook in but inactivity causes the ref to break up the action. A left hand lands for Maia and Usman responds with a combination to end the round.

Round 2:

Usman is just missing on his shots and Maia is getting some nice shots inside as he searches for another takedown opportunity. Usman stuffs a takedown attempt by sprawling and seems to be attacking Maia’s neck. The pair get to their feet and Usman hits a stiff jab. Maia in on another takedown but Usman is able to defend. Maia attacks another takedown attempt but again has it stuffed. Usman lands a few power shots against the cage but now Maia is clinching again.

Maia pulls guard and now has full guard on his back. The round comes to an end.

Round 3:

A right hand lands for Usman and he continues to walk Maia down. Usman is chasing Maia around the Octagon trying to land a big shot to end the night. Usman trips up Maia and stands up and backs away. The ref stands Maia up. Usman lands a hook and stuffs another takedown. The round comes to an end.

Round 4:

A clean right hand from Usman drops Maia and Usman swarms with ground-and-pound. Usman stands up and the ref stands Maia. Usman sprawls for another Maia takedown attempt and again locks up the arms and gets in some ground-and-pound. he gets to his feet and Maia has another takedown attempt stuffed. Maia gets a jab in but Usman eats it. Usman comes inside and lands some hooks. Another takedown attempt from Maia and it’s stuffed. A right hand lands for Usman and the round comes to an end.

Round 5:

Usman lands an uppercut in the clinch and continues to walk down Maia. Another sprawl from Usman prevents a Maia takedown. Usman stands up but again sprawls for a Maia takedown. Usman stands up and lands a crisp jab before falling on top of Maia. He stands up and forces Maia to stand. Usman continues to sprawl for takedown attempts from Maia, and the ref continues to stand Maia up.

A nice right and lands for Usman and the round comes to an end.

Official Result Kamaru Usman def. Demian Maia via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 49-46)

  • Women’s strawweight: Alexa Grasso vs. Tatiana Suarez

Round 1:

Grasso tries to clinch up but Suarez gets top position on the ground after a takedown. Grasso gets back to her feet but Suarez is in on a takedown again. Another takedown from Suarez and Grasso fights back with elbows. Suarez is fighting hard to keep Grasso on the ground. Grasso is putting up quite the fight on the ground but Suarez gets her back.

Suarez getting the rear-naked choke now. After a hard fight, Suarez forces Grasso to tap.

Official Result: Tatiana Suarez def. Alexa Grasso via R1 submission (rear-naked choke, 2:44)

  • Light heavyweight: Jared Cannonier vs. Dominick Reyes

Round 1:

Cannonier is throwing some heavy shots early but Reyes seems to be handling them nicely. A leg kick from Reyes and Cannonier trips up on his way inside for an overhand. Cannonier lands an overhand right and Reyes trips and falls backwards before shooting back up. More leg kicks from Reyes here. Cannonier defends a takedown attempt from Reyes with strikes.

A hard leg kick from Cannonier and he clinches up to land some heavy shots before separating. Reyes gets off a nice combination now. Cannonier comes in to pressure Reyes against the cage but they exchange positions. Reyes lands a nice uppercut that wobbles Cannonier badly. Another left hand wobbles Cannonier again. Yet another big hook drops Cannonier, and the referee has seen enough.

Official Result: Dominick Reyes def. Jared Cannonier via R1 TKO (punch, 2:55)

  • Bantamweight: Guido Cannetti vs. Diego Rivas

Round 1:

Cannetti opens up with a leg kick but falls down and trips. Cannetti comes in with some flying punches but is unable to land any. He clinches up but Rivas takes control and has him against the cage. Rivas works the takedown and gets it but can’t keep Cannetti there. Again we’re clinched up against the cage.

Cennetti gets the trip and falls right into half guard. From the bottom Rivas goes for a armbar but he’s picked up and slammed. After some ground-and-pound Rivas moves around and allows his back to be taken while he’s seated against the cage. He stands up but Cannetti is still on his back.

Rivas spins out of having Cannetti on his back and is now working a takedown. He’s unable to get it as the clock expires.

Round 2:

A kick to the body lands for Rivas. A low blow from Cannetti temporarily stops the action. Rivas catches a kick from Cannetti and gets a takedown, but after a scramble Cannetti ends up on top in side control. Rivas gets full guard on Cannetti now but minimal action forces the referee to stand things up.

A body kick lands for Cannetti, and Rivas catches another kick and gets a takedown. He pulls guard and locks in a guillotine but Cannetti is able to escape. Full guard for Rivas now with Cannetti on top. The round comes to an end after both men get to their feet in the clinch.

Round 3:

A body kick lands for Cannetti and rivas responds with a stiff hook. He lands a few more hooks and begins walking Cannetti down. More big shots from Rivas but Cannetti isn’t backing down. Rivas has Cannetti clinched against the cage and now he is unleashing some vicious knees and elbows to the skull. Now Cannetti pulls guard with a guillotine.

Rivas is able to slip out and continues his pursuit of a takedown. They stand and continue to strike now. Rivas landing some counter strikes now with seconds left. The fight comes to an end.

Official Result: Guido Cannetti def. Diego Rivas via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

  • Women’s flyweight: Veronica Macedo vs. Andrea Lee

Round 1:

Lee opens up with a leg kick and Macedo responds with a hard few hooks as she comes inside. They clinch up now and Lee unleashes some horrendous shots that forces the breakup. Macedo lands a spinning back kick to the body and Lee responds with a leg kick. Some body work from Lee now and again they clinch up. A knee to the face lands for Lee and she follows up with some to the body as well.

Lee gets a takedown and is right back up to her feet. She rips off leg kicks to a downed Macedo. The ref allows Macedo to stand and she lands a horrendous head kick that rocks Lee. Now Macedo presses Lee against the cage. Lee gets the judo throw and has the back now. Lee goes for the rear-naked choke now. Now Lee unloads some elbows before going for the choke again. An armbar attempt from Lee ends the round.

Round 2:

Lee slips a hook and is in on a takedown now. She has Macedo clinched against the cage and is getting off some nice knees. Another Judo throw and Macedo uses an armbar attempt to get to her feet. Another takedown for Lee and she’s in Macedo’s full guard. Lee stands up and again is kicking a downed Macedo who isn’t getting up. Macedo finally gets to her feet but they’re clinched up again.

Lee with another takedown and Macedo is rolling for a kneebar. Lee maneuvers for a head an arm choke but her legs are locked up. She gets to full mount but Macedo is able to escape to end the round.

Round 3:

The pair immediately clinch up to start the round but they separate quickly. Another clinch and Lee gets the back clinch before taking Macedo down. After some ground-and-pound Macedo is again laying down and Lee stands up to deliver some leg kicks while she stays down. Macedo gets to her feet and eats some body shots from Lee before Lee gets a hook to the face too.

They clinch up against the cage with Lee in dominant position and she gets the takedown into side control. Some elbows from Lee and she transitions to full mount. Macedo gives up her back and Lee ahs some time to work. Lee is going for an armbar now but isn’t able to get it. Macedo is on top now and gets half guard. Macedo tries to lock up the neck but Lee gets to her feet. The fight comes to an end.

Official Result: Andrea Lee def. Veronica Macedo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

  • Welterweight: Chad Laprise vs. Vicente Luque

Round 1:

Laprise comes inside with a 1-2 combo early. Luque responds with a few leg kicks and a stiff jab. A nice right hand lands for Luque and they clinch up. Luque gets a takedown but they’re right back up. Laprise now has Luque clinched up against the cage and is throwing knees to the body and working a takedown.

They separate and Luque lands a nice right hook followed by a front kick to the body. Laprise responds with a 1-2 combo. Luque lands a leg kick and drops Laprise with a beautiful short left hook. He follows up with ground-and-pound and that’s it.

Official Result: Vicente Luque def. Chad Laprise via R1 KO (punches, 4:16)