UFC President Dana White “Fried” Ahead of Mayweather-McGregor, Expects 4.9 Million Buys


Saying he’s “fried,” UFC President Dana White seems just about ready to get past Mayweather-McGregor. With the whirlwind international World Tour, multiple interviews, and all sorts of drama leading up to the event, there’s no doubt White has had a busy schedule of late. When asked by the media this week (via MMA Fighting) about his plans after the big fight Saturday, White paused and joked that “If Conor wins, I’m probably going to go on a three week bender. If Conor loses, I’m probably going to go on a three week bender.”

Still, whether his fighter wins or loses, White should have lots to celebrate. “The gate is close to seventy million” he replied when asked about ticket sales. That means Mayweather-McGregor is within striking distance of the highest gate watermark.

More importantly, however, will the bout be the biggest PPV of all time? On that topic, White said “I’m on the over.”

“It’s going to be the biggest PPV event ever in Australia. It’s going to be the biggest PPV event ever in the UK” he continued. “Waiting on Canada – it’s tough to get the pre-buy numbers of out Canada, for some reason. We’re neck and neck with the record  [in the U.S.]. So we’ll see how the next two days come together. It should do over 4.9 [million buys]. And that doesn’t include digital, which they’ve never done before.”

If those numbers hold up, it’s great news for all involved, no matter the outcome of the fight itself.