UFC Releases Statement On McGregor’s UFC 223 Riot


It has been one of the craziest days in UFC history and speculation has run rampant on what would happen to Conor McGregor. From property damage to bodily harm, Conor and his team did a number on what was UFC 223. After a total of three fight cancellations everyone is anxiously awaiting for the UFC to say something.

While there is no doubt President Dana White is sure to have his thoughts heard throughout the weekend. Tonight we have to settle for a message from the UFC’s PR team. It is mostly stuff we already know but it is now official that Conor won’t be attending UFC 223 and they aren’t big fans of what went down.

All this is telling us is that they are pushing it off. For now. In the meantime Conor won’t be invited to UFC 223, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering he has potentially cost six fighters a pay day.

There are so many layers to this that anyone who says that they know how it will play out is flat out lying. Even Dana White himself said there was a warrant out for Conor’s arrest originally and that wasn’t true.

Patience is always a virtue and preaching that is key in situations like these. The video evidence is there, but as we often learn in this sport. Nothing is as cut and dry as we make it out to be.

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