USADA Recognizing UFC Athletes Who Fight Clean

Eddie Alvarez
Image Credit: Getty Images

This week the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) launched a campaign to recognize UFC athletes in their testing pool who have tested clean 25 times.  Fans can follow along with the launch of the official Twitter account for fans to follow those recognitions when they are posted every month. On their official website, the ‘25x’ Milestone Recognition said that athletes being featured receive an exclusive t-shirt that will feature the ‘25x’ logo and the slogan “Train Clean, Fight Clean”.

The UFC started their anti-doping program in July of 2015 and while a lot of news comes of the fighters that have failed tests and been removed from competition, little is said about the fighters that do what is expected of them which is to compete naturally without the use of any banned substances. Being in the testing program is not easy with the surprise visits for tests at any given hour and having to constantly disclose their whereabouts and everything they put in their bodies.  However, athletes that are being recognized for this milestone are willing to deal with the inconveniences associated with being tested by USADA. Former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez says he does not mind the inconveniences at all.

“The inconvenience is small considering your health is on the line every time you step into the cage.” –Eddie Alvarez

With every failed test comes the option to dispute any claims of wrongdoing like in the recent case of Junior Dos Santos but regardless of any situations where supplements being tainted were unknown to the fighter, testing clean does not make the news since it is what is expected from athletes.

Former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos has been tested 30 times and said, “It’s just good for my legacy to have a clean record, and the only thing that doesn’t show on the blood test is the hard work.” Along with Alvarez and dos Anjos UFC heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic will be recognized this month as well as Tecia Torres in featured video testimonies on promoting clean competition.

Do you think USADA is working out for the UFC so far?