Volkan Oezdemir Finds Johnny Walker’s Career Approach Cowardly

Volkan Oezdemir
Image Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Volkan Oezdemir has always made it known that he has “No Time,” but what you may not be aware of is that he has no respect for those who do.

One such person is Johnny Walker. Johnny Walker is off to a very fast start with a 3-0 UFC record, all finishes, and some have already considered Johnny Walker to be a potential challenger to Jon Jones as soon as by year’s end. But the 26-year-old feels he has no reason to rush but plenty of reasons to wait:

“I have to take my time, get more experience, and maybe in two years, I’m capable of a title shot as well,” Walker told Cageside Press last month.

“I want to make sure, when I be there, I hold the belt for a long time. I have to get more experience.

“I’m in no rush. I’m twenty-six, I have time. Give me the names, send me location, I’m ready.”

Volkan Oezdemir is aware of Johnny Walker’s career approach, and he has no patience for those who have patience:

“I understand that it’s smart, but for me it’s all about risk and reward,” Oezdemir told Bloody Elbow. “If you are willing to go out there and prove you are the best, you don’t want to take time off and be all about security. I think that’s a coward’s move. If you really want to prove you’re the best you should just f—king do it.”

Volkan Oezdemir is no stranger to meteoric rises, and when an opportunity presented itself to receive a world title shot, he hopped at it. But Johnny Walker could point to Oezdemir’s failure to win the title after receiving the shot only three fights into his UFC career as an example of why it’s best to be patient. With a victory over Dominick Reyes at UFC London tomorrow, it is very possible that Volkan Oezdemir will have an opportunity to extend Johnny Walker’s waiting time for a title shot by handing Walker his first UFC loss and inch closer to receiving a second world title opportunity for himself.

Do you agree with Volkan Oezdemir? Is Johnny Walker’s approach to intentionally getting more experience before seeking a title shot a coward’s move?

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