Woodley: Till May Not Fight Again in Life After This Vicious Beating

Tyron Woodley Darren Till says
Image Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Both Tyron Woodley and Darren Till are very confident alphas who are a swiftly approaching collision course this Saturday night at the American Airlienes arena in the UFC 228 main event. They both have made it clear that they do not envision any other possibility than leaving the victor and the welterweight champion of the world. Of course, this cannot be true for both men, and only one man will leave the victor. On the second episode of UFC 228 Embedded, Tyron Woodley made it very clear just who that person will be in a soliloquy that reads like an impassioned self-pep talk in the mirror (Via MMANytt):

“I am the chosen one,” Woodley said. “I am the best welterweight that’s ever fucking fought in the Octagon ever, in the history of the sport. I will be victorious. I will reign. I will defend my title until I get tired of doing it. I will go out here. I will viciously beat Darren Till. I will beat him so bad he will reconsider fighting ever again in his life.

“He will move up to middleweight and every other welterweight will be on notice.”

Woodley is even willing to shed what has been perceived as a “safe” approach to fighting when he defends the welterweight strap against Darren Till this weekend:

“My coach told me, he said, ‘If the game plan goes to shit, and things get ugly, and all else fails,’ motherfucker just fight’. Just fight,” Woodley repeated.

In less approximately 48 hours, the talk of weight, replacement fighters, and, hell, all talk will come to a close. And yes indeed, it will be time to just fight.

Do you believe a loss at UFC 228 would send Darren Till to middleweight as Woodley claims?