Woodley Warns Bisping: ‘Does he Really Understand I Would Whoop His Ass?’

By now, you’re probably aware that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title holders Tyron Woodley (welterweight) and Michael Bisping (middleweight) agreed to fight each other at a catchweight backstage at UFC 207. Nothing official has been made, but the trash talk is coming in droves.

In fact, “The Chosen One” now wants to compete for the 185-pound belt. Woodley spoke with FOX Sports is convinced the fight would be a bad match-up for his colleague:

“I would knock Bisping out. I didn’t even think about it until he started running his mouth in the back. I’m like damn, does he really understand that I would whoop his ass? This is not a good fight for him. This is a horrible fight for him. But if he wants to do it, I’ll gladly take your belt.”

Woodley may be a welterweight, but he isn’t concerned with giving up power or size if he moves up to fight “The Count.” The 170-pound champ said no matter the weight, he’s got a strength advantage over Bisping and is better than him at two important aspects in mixed martial arts (MMA).

“When you think about it, usually when someone goes up in weight class they give up size, they give up power, they give up speed — I give up nothing. I’m very similar to him in weight. I’m stronger than him. I punch harder than him. I’m faster than him. I’m a better wrestler than him. I’m a better grappler than him. I’m a better boxer than him. So I’m really giving up no advantage and I can go and take his belt so I’m down.”

Bisping clearly has a different take on things. He claimed he would “beat the f**k out of Woodley.” If these two clash, it would put the number one contenders at 170 and 185 on hold.